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A Young, Motivated Visionary

Carter Stroup embodies a dynamic fusion of skills as a young golfer, entrepreneur, and software developer, creating a seamless synergy that drives innovation and impact. His precision, discipline, and perseverance on the golf course seamlessly translate into his entrepreneurial ventures and software development projects, where he leverages his strategic thinking, visionary mindset, and problem-solving abilities to identify opportunities for disruption and growth. Carter's leadership skills not only propel his own endeavors forward but also inspire and empower those around him to excel. His passion for excellence and commitment to continuous improvement shine through in every pursuit, whether on the green or behind a computer screen. By integrating his talents across disciplines, Carter not only achieves personal success but also fosters synergies that propel him to make a positive impact on the world, one stroke, one project, and one innovation at a time.

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"Carter possesses a unique blend of intellect, creativity, and leadership that sets him apart. His ability to think critically, approach challenges with a positive mindset, and adapt to new environments has been evident in every task he undertakes."

- Scott Fawcett, Creator of DECADE Golf

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The Ultimate Junior Golfer

Carter has played competitive golf for over five years at the state and regional levels and aspires to play collegiate golf. His golf accomplishments include eleven state/regional tournament wins, a top-17 finish in the 2023 Tennessee State Championship, a top-70 ranking in Tennessee, and a +2 handicap.

In accordance with his love for golf, he has hosted a podcast called The Perfect Par for five years, where he helps other juniors compete at the highest level by interviewing the best minds in the game, including Dr. Bhrett McCabe, Sasho MacKenzie, and Rick Sessinghaus. You can learn more about Carter's golf skills and his podcast using the buttons below.

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Entrepreneur & Problem Solver

Since the age of eight, Carter Stroup has shown a remarkable aptitude for innovative problem-solving, evident in his first venture, Weed-Be-Gone, and now in his company, Render Results. Founded in February 2020, Render Results is Carter's brainchild, born out of a vision to revolutionize digital marketing. Leveraging over five years of expertise in web design and SEO, Render Results offers cutting-edge digital solutions, bridging the gap between creativity and results for businesses of all sizes. Today, Render Results stands as a testament to Carter's entrepreneurial spirit, pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the digital marketing industry.

Notable Results:
  • Generated $75k+ (24x ROI) in a single email campaign for a golf software company.
  • Boosted ARR by $50k+ in three months with a website redesign for a software company.
  • Managed marketing for a prominent golf consultancy, leading multiple successful campaigns.
  • Delivered over 20 ROI-positive website design and development projects.
  • Managed marketing and technical development for a groundbreaking healthcare startup.
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Professional Recognition

“I have known Carter for about a year, and I've found Carter's ideas and thinking to be very solid, creative and always focused on results. Carter is a very impressive person, and someone who I would have high confidence in. He is a quick study, and its certain he's always pushing his scope as well as interests, and has an eye for the new and for ways to innovate. I have an extensive technical and business background, and I've come across just a few young people with the creativity, drive and focus as Carter.“

Robert D. Johnson, Director of Advanced Virtual Pattern Development, IBM

“I simply can't say enough great things about Carter Stroup and the work he's done for DECADE Golf. He is more than capable of handling any task he takes on. HIGHLY recommend!”

Scott Fawcett, Creator of DECADE Golf

“Carter has become a valuable asset to my business due to the variety of skills he excels in. From podcasts, to website edits, he has got you covered! And with his impressive business sense and professionalism, I would recommend him to any business owner seeking top-notch service!”

Angela Basham, President of Grafix Design Studio
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Aspiring Software Engineer

Carter Stroup is a dedicated and aspiring software engineer with a passion for creating innovative solutions. His enthusiasm for coding is matched by his commitment to mastering new technologies and methodologies. His deep understanding of data structures, algorithms, and computer architecture equips him with the skills needed to tackle complex challenges and deliver high-quality software solutions. As he continues to grow and learn, Carter is driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact through his work in the ever-evolving field of technology.

  • Codecademy Computer Science Certified.
  • Created an object-oriented terminal game in Python.
  • Developed a Netflix search/recommendation program using Python Pandas.
  • Developed a CPU Emulator with functional NAND binary logic and modified MIPS Assembly using Python.
  • Designed and deployed a relational database architecture for ecommerce using PostgreSQL.
Current Skills/Tech Stack:
  • Front End: React.js, HTML5, CSS3, Figma, JavaScript, TypeScript.
  • Back End: Express.js, Django, Python, PostgreSQL, Git.
  • Deep understanding of data structures, algorithms, computer architecture, and discrete math.

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The best place to learn more about and connect with Carter is through social media, but you can also contact him by email using the button below.
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